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     Compared to our local competitors, Westchester Compactor will help you save money on all your compactor needs and repairs.

     Did you know that most compactor companies will charge a two-hour minimum labor fee plus one hour travel time; even if they have been in your building for only an hour! Our competitors also charge higher hourly rates, in comparison Westchester Compactors beat out the rest.

     Do you consistently find yourself paying for the same parts over and over again? With Westchester Compactor not only will we replace the part, we will find out what caused the malfunction. Should the same part malfunction again we will be happy to replace the part at no charge to our customer. All Of Our Work Is Guaranteed!

     We also offer Service Contracts for some financial relief. Westchester Compactor is proud to make available maintenance service level agreements to all customers. With our struggling economy, it is important to budget our finances and limit our exposure to unexpected expenses and repairs. We offer different levels of coverage to fit your needs.

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Ph: (800) 351 -2982

Fax: (914) 517 -2833


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